What is now the easiest way in the world to write a sales letter, ad, flyer,
brochure, news release, article, speech, web copy, or even an entire book?

Announcing: Dr. Joe Vitale's Hypnotic Writing Wizard!

"Who is the Hypnotic Writing Wizard?"
You Are When You Use this Incredible New Software!

Based on the famous best-selling e-books
Hypnotic Writing and Advanced Hypnotic Writing of Dr. Joe Vitale!

"Drop Everything Right Now and Order This Tool! Hypnotic Writing Wizard will do more for you in less time than any other tool I know of. It's as if Joe was right there next to you whispering in your ear what to do next.

Image all the possibilities and increased sales you will gain by simply using this one tool! Do yourself a favor and get it now. This is the real deal."

Armand Morin - Software Developer and Marketer

"This software should be ILLEGAL! It makes it too quick and easy to write anything! It shot the words out of my mind like a rapid-fire MACHINE GUN!

Face it though, writing anything can be a big chore. When Joe asked me to try out his software I figured it was going to be like all the other "fill-in-the blank software" out there, boy was I wrong. The difference is this software subconsciously KICK-STARTS your brain for writing. It didn't even feel like I was working!

It's like I was in a HYPNOTIC trance or zone. The only thing that I don't like about it, is all the competition I'll get from people who never thought they could ever write a profitable sales letter, article or e-book."

Larry Dotson, The Hypnotic Business Center

"Not only does this leading edge software help you write sales letters with ease, but you can also write news releases, ads, articles, speeches, web copy and even entire books with it.

The hypnotic inductions by Joe are simple, short and, more importantly, they work. I was skeptical about the Hypnotic Readability Formula, but I used it to analyze one of my own letters and the results opened my eyes. Hypnotic Writing Wizard is a breakthrough in creative writing."

Joe Sugarman, author of Triggers and many other books

"At last - I've finally found the secret to easy writing!"

Dr. Joe Vitale
#1 best-selling author of Spiritual Marketing,
The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History
and the best-selling Nightingale-Conant audio-
program, The Power of Outrageous Marketing

"I was shocked when I opened up the software for the first-time...using it was like having Joe laser beamed into my room, and coaching and guiding me by in his Hypnotic Writing process..

I could literally see and hear him speaking...Get the software and you will experience 21st Century virtual coaching.. one on one with the World's first Hypnotic Marketer.. Joe Vitale!

When you get the software.. jump right to the "Reminders" Section.. you'll be able to rule the world with that information there! With The Hypnotic Writing Wizard.. you WILL become a Hypnotic Writer, and I GUARANTEE it! "

Jo Han Mok, Director - Hypnotic Marketing Institute www.HypnoticMarketingInstitute.com

"There are no short cuts to writing well. It takes practice and it helps to learn from an expert. Oh how I have wished I could set Joe Vitale, the master of copywriting, on my shoulder to whisper words of advice and inspiration in my ear. I can do that now!

The Hypnotic Writing Wizard makes the impossible possible because Joe has incorporated practically all of his wisdom in one easy to use software package. This is as indispensable as a WORD processor and much more entertaining.

Now I can produce better copy in less time and with a lot less stress. Thank you Joe!"

Tom Parish, Founder - http://www.SoundsInMind.com

"Neato! What a cool tool to help you with your writing. This is probably the closest thing to having Joe Vitale available at your beck and call."

Yanik Silver, Author - Instant Internet Profits www.InstantInternetProfits.com

"An indispensable tool. I won't write anything without this software ever again. I use it every time I write. If you have a hard time getting started writing - this application will cure you of that the very first time you use it."

Mark Joyner, #1 Best-Selling Author

"Anyone having trouble writing anything needs to boot this program up. Within minutes you can slide through blocks, get a handle on what you want to say, and come up with memorbale ways to say it. This is a real breakthrough."

Robert Bly, author of "The Copywriter's Handbook"

"Hi Joe, I recently bought your powerful hypnotic writing software.

At first I was concerned that it was too expensive, as the Australian dollar had dropped so much, against the US dollar. I ended up paying over $400.00 for it.

I mainly write self-help CDs and was in the process of editing the third of six titles on the Law of Attraction.  As I started to use the writing wizard I found it quite amazing, and the next couple of CDs that I edited blew the first two out of the water.  They were so much better. The hypnotic swipe file is phenomenal, how on earth did I manage without it?!

Thank you so much for producing such an excellent product.  In your own words, "Just plain awesome!"

Kind regards, Chris
P.S. Worth every penny!"


What are you going to do?

Imagine you need to write a sales letter…

  • Or an ad, flyer, or brochure.
  • Or a news release.
  • Or even a book chapter, article, or speech.

How will you go about it?

You can create an outline, take notes, sweat blood, write and rewrite, and worry if you're doing it right.

Stop. Isn't that the old way of writing? Isn't that time consuming and no fun?

Here is a new, smarter way to accomplish your writing goals:

Click on Hypnotic Writing Wizard. Now let the most incredible new software in the history of creativity almost do the writing for you!

Here's what you'll see:

A screen opens, which asks you to select what you will write:

writing software skill creative resume book essay

Now just follow the easy on-screen prompts.

For example, when you need a headline, use the cool Headline Generator to create one for you:

Within minutes, you'll have an entire draft to your next writing.

But that's not all...

What does Your Unconscious Say?

If you get stuck at any point, consider trying Unconscious Directed Writing. It's under Tools on the menu bar. This will allow you the freedom to write without thinking. It's fun and very freeing. (You may even surprise yourself with what you write.)

Headline Generator

All the best marketing pros know you need a good headline to grab attention. Now you can generate them as fast as you want with the Headline Generator:


Jump-Start Your Muse

If you want more help, consider using Jump-Start Your Muse. Just reading all the ways you can kick-start your creative juices will make you more creative. (My favorite is number 3):

Relax and Buy

You can also sit back as Dr. Joe Vitale leads you into a few relaxing hypnotic inductions. These are designed to help you free your mind. You have four to choose from. None last very long but all can expand your awareness to see new possibilities. After all, what would you write if you were more creative?

Quick Tips Make It Easy

You can also get quick tips on how to write faster, easier, and more hypnotically, by going to the Menu bar. (You'll love them.)

Quiz: How good is your writing?

When you've completed your sales letter, ad, news release, article or book chapter, you can use our newly invented Hypnotic Readability Formula to analyze just how easy your writing is to understand. (This can be very revealing.) Just click on Tools.

Look Into My Spinning Eyes

Visual Hypnotic Inducers are under Tools. All you do with them is gaze and allow yourself to relax. They'll help put you in a light state of creative receptivity.


Time for Success

And here's a surprise bonus: You can set a timer to replica watch how long you write. If you want to write for 15 minutes, just set the Timer for that amount. Then just type. When the time is up, a custom selected signal will gently go off. You'll find it under Tools.


Why do many top copywriters
want this software banned?

Here's something strange.

When I first created this software, I naturally asked my peers to review it. I sent early copies to other copywriters.

Almost none of them liked it!

At first that confused me. I thought I had done something wrong.

But then I let newbies use the software. Those are people new to writing sales copy and even new to the Internet.

Well, they LOVED the software!

One young woman said she wrote her first good ad with Hypnotic Writing Wizard. She said:

"The more I write using your program, the more it helps me to just jot down short, to the point answers (even single words) to TARGET questions. TARGET answers serve as reminders and help remain focused when I am actually writing copy in the next steps."

Nerissa Oden

Yet another user said:

"Dr. Vitale, you've discovered the cure for Writer's Block! I was a little skeptical about the Hypnotic Trance Inducers but I am amazed with the results. Words flow effortlessly.

I'm totally blown away. I've tried those other sales letter programs. They produce cookie-cutter sales letters that you can see on a thousand websites.Your software goes WAY beyond that.

Not only does Hypnotic Writing Wizard spark my creativity and help me write better sales letters, it helps me whip out press releases, articles, email ads - even entire books with ease. Thanks, Joe!"

Bill Hibbler

And here's another one:

"What a great tool for anyone wanting to simplify the process of writing hypnotic copy! Whether you¹re a new copywriter and don¹t know where to start or a seasoned pro looking for an extra edge, the Hypnotic Writing Wizard has something for everyone."

Blair Warren, Author - The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion

And here's yet another:

"Your Hypnotic Writing Wizard is fantastic & so easy to use and a blessing to have at my fingertips. My strong suit is not copywriting. BUT with this tool I no longer feel the need to hire an expensive direct response copywriter for my promotions. It's like having you right by my side. I highly reccomend it."

Robert Channing, President - www.PowerPerformers.com
High-Impact Speakers, Celebrities and Entertainers


As it turns out, copywriters expected me to create a program that reflects how they write. Well, the average person doesn't write like a seasoned copywriter. They can't. They haven't learned the trade yet.

I created the Hypnotic Writing Wizard for the people who WANT to write copy but don't know how...

If that's you, you're in for a treat!

What about the competition?

Maybe you've heard there are one or two other writing programs out there. Well, there are. But they are templates focused on writing sales letters or headlines. None of them do ALL of what Hypnotic Writing Wizard does. Instead of buying three or four or five programs, buy one---this one!

Guaranteed Results for YOU!

There's more here, of course. But the above will get you writing --- fast!

I have spent nearly 50 years writing, and studying how writing is created. I've written over 50 books, recorded multiple audio programs, produced multiple DVDs, appeared on radio, television and in national media, and am known to my readers, customers, and seminar attendees, as the world's first Hypnotic Writer. I'm the author of the best-selling e-books, Hypnotic Writing and Advanced Hypnotic Writing (both are included with the software). I've used my experience and education to create this new software.

I believe you'll be so wild about this software that you will go out and tattoo the name Hypnotic Writing Wizard on your forearm for all to see!

Not only do I guarantee this will be your software of choice, but you can also make money selling it!


Five Easy Ways to Make Money
with this Amazing Software

  1. Become a copywriter and use the Hypnotic Writing Wizard software to write sales letters for others. Good copywriters make $5,000 to $15,000 PER sales letter they write.
  2. Become a publicity writer and use the Hypnotic Writing Wizard software to write news releases for clients. Good publicists can get $1,000 PER news release.
  3. Become a ghost writer and use the Hypnotic Writing Wizard software to write articles and books for others. Good ghost writers make $50,000 and up PER book.
  4. Become a freelance writer and use the Hypnotic Writing Wizard software to write articles. Good freelancers can make $5,000 and up PER article.
  5. Become an advertising agency and use the Hypnotic Writing Wizard software to write ads for your clients. Ad agencies can make millions of dollars per year.

The list is probably endless! Is this the most productive and profitable tool of the new century?

Get this program and download it right now!

If you do writing of any kind---or plan on it---you need it and want it and know it.

How Much Does the Hypnotic
Writing Wizard Cost?

Well, if you hired me to write a sales letter for you, it would cost you $25,000. (See my fees at www.mrfire.com if you want proof.)

If you hired any professional copywriter, they would charge you $1,500 and UP to write just one sales sales letter for you.

Calvin Chipman, the programmer for Hypnotic Writing Wizard, and I both felt we should charge you $295 for this program. After all, it is loaded with features and can help you write books, articles, news releases, AND sales letters.

After much debate, we felt the fairest price was $195.

But we also felt the software should be less than that. So we removed the audio files (they were huge, anyway) and will let you download them IF you want them.

So if you download Hypnotic Writing Wizard right now, it's only $99 without the audios.

That's it.

Just $99 and you can write letters, ads, articles, books, news releases and pretty much anything else you can name with your very own copy of Hypnotic Writing Wizard. Why not download Hypnotic Writing Wizard right now?

And what if you LOVE THIS PROGRAM?

What if all your writing becomes easy and almost effortless?

What if the tips, tools, tricks, audios, and more on the program are so good you'll SMILE?

What if you can make money selling this program, or using it to become a professional writer?

What if?

Click Here to Buy the Hypnotic Writing Wizard
Right Now for Only $295 $99!




Imagine getting more...

The Hypnotic Swipe File quickly turns you into a
true copywriter. Write copy as quickly as you can
double-click your mouse. Yes, it's that easy!


The Hypnotic Swipe File is an additional module to the Hypnotic Writing Wizard with all the words, phrases and sentences that are contained in the Hypnotic Writer's Swipe File eBook. Now in software form, you don't need to type--just select from a list and insert.

You can even add your own lists with your very own personalized swipe file. Feel the thrill of being able to reuse your favorite words, phrases and sentences without needing to retype. Imagine the possibilities. You can even take your favorites from the swipe file and put them all in one group--making it even faster to access them.

"Drop Everything Right Now and Order This Tool! Hypnotic Writing Wizard will do more for you in less time than any other tool I know of. It's as if Joe was right there next to you whispering in your ear what to do next.

Image all the possibilities and increased sales you will gain by simply using this one tool! Do yourself a favor and get it now. This is the real deal."

Armand Morin - Software Developer and Marketer


Here are some of the features of the Hypnotic Swipe File:

  • 2 irresistible mind-grabbing words that are the most powerful copywriting words of all time and should be used repeatedly in your copy to get immediate results.
  • 5 hypnotic agreement questions that will put prospects in a "yes" trance where they will be conditioned to agree with your next statements.
  • 31 hypnotic headline words that will get your sales copy read and can drastically increase your sales.
  • 178 psychological copy connectors that you can weave into sentences and paragraphs to compel readers to take the actions you want.
  • 5 hidden commands that are so good, people won't even realize you are secretly commanding them.
  • 7 "confusers to take control" statements that will confuse readers and allow your hypnotic words to get past their mental censors.
  • 5 forbidden hypnotic words that will slip right into your readers' minds just because they end in "ly."
  • 33 subliminal closings/P.S.'s that will persuade undecided readers to order your product immediately.
  • 163 emotional provoking words that can trigger your prospects' emotions and persuade them to buy your product.
  • 860 fill-in-the-blank sentence starters that will reel in your readers and get them in the proper state of mind to buy your product.
  • Insert any of these 11 powerful embedded commands into your sentences to compel people to obey you. These are so sneaky—your prospects will never see them coming!
  • Dominate your prospect with 13 hypnotic hype action phrases that surround your offer with an invisible field of magnetism that very few people can resist.
  • Slip these 5 forbidden hypnotic words before your command—and people will feel compelled to do exactly what you say.
  • Discover 32 camouflaged headline templates that disguise your ad as riveting editorial content—thereby skyrocketing the readership of your ad.
  • Discover 63 hypnotic opening statements that take command of your prospects' mind, put them under your spell—and keep them tantalized by every word of your sales letter.
  • 7 hypnotic devices that make your prospects virtually “dizzy” with information that they have no recourse but to agree with whatever you propose.
  • 11 simple prefixes that disguise your command as a gentle statement—thereby making it immensely likely that your prospect will follow your hidden command
  • 7 “stop commands” that immediately grab your prospect’s attention and make him receptive to any hypnotic suggestion you say next.
  • 3 hypnotic story-telling methods that mesmerize people—and lead them to do exactly what you want.
  • Countless specialized communication patterns that cast a spell on your prospects, and make them want to do whatever you say.
  • 41 bullet modifications that elevate excitement and curiosity—and make your bullets even more powerful.
  • Choose from 22 visual, auditory and kinesthetic phrases that give you the exact language patterns that appeal to any type of prospect.
  • 55 “logic generators” give validity to anything you write—use these words to get people to respect you as an authority or a leader… a person to be listened to, admired and followed.
  • Plus much more

Click the Upgrade button now to order the Hypnotic Writing Wizard withe the Hypnotic Swipe File extesion for only $277!


I guarantee that the Hypnotic Writing Wizard software will meet (and exceed) your greatest expectations…

If you are not 100% satisfied within 30 days with the amazing and magical Hypnotic Writing Wizard, my dedicated support team will issue you a timely refund of the full purchase price. Go ahead—take these words as a challenge and prove to me, and to yourself, that the Hypnotic Writing Wizard is a magical tool that will effortlessly skyrocket your response rates in 30 days or less.

Go for it!